Readers’ Choice Results for 2013 Medical Device Manufacturer of the Year

Find out which of the 10 finalists MD+DI readers thought deserved the title of 2013 medical device manufacturer of the year.

2013 Medical Device Manufacturer of the Year

Each year, MD+DI’s editors come together to choose the medical device manufacturer of the year. We bring our nominees to the meeting, make a case for why each firm deserves the title, and attempt to come to a consensus. We fully understand that the subjective nature of such a decision leaves a lot of room for criticism—we have plenty of your e-mails to prove it.

So this year, for the first time ever, we let our readers in on the fun. We released our 10 finalists in late September, gave you the chance to weigh in through an online poll, and promised to share the results.

What we found is that great minds really do think alike. With 45.9% of the vote, Second Sight Medical Products, the editors’ pick for the 2013 Medical Device Manufacturer of the Year, also came out on top in our Readers’ Choice Poll, besting the second-place finisher by more than 20 percentage points and dwarfing the rest of the field. Our readers, it seems, were as impressed by the world’s first bionic eye as we were.

“Restoring sight to the blind! How can that not be the most incredible device manufactured this year?” asked one reader. Or, as another so eloquently put it, “What’s cooler than bionic eyes?”

With just under a quarter of the vote, the runner-up, X2 Biosystems, the developer of wearable impact sensors that can be used to monitor for concussions, also struck a chord with our readers. “X2 is introducing a technology that will keep the sport of football alive and help athletes, contractors, and soldiers to manage brain trauma and prevent debilitating circumstances from occurring,” wrote one reader.

“Too many children and adults are being injured and suffering long-term and lifelong effects as a result of concussions while playing sports they love and refuse to give up. A device that measures concussions, as the X2 Biosystem does, is a lifesaver (literally),” wrote another.

Third place in our readers’ choice poll, with 12.5% of the vote, went to Medtronic, which made waves this year by changing course to focus more on patient monitoring and disease management. Readers, it seems, were impressed by the firm’s willingness to redefine itself.

“Medtronic has the ability to make some fundamental changes in healthcare worldwide with the right strategies that [CEO] Omar [Ishrak] is pursuing,” one reader wrote. “Medtronic is taking the traditional medical device company to the next level, well beyond the device itself. Patient monitoring, efficiency, and economics all win!” explained another.

While none of the other finalists garnered more than 6% of our readers’ votes, that’s not to say they aren’t at the forefront of innovation. As one reader wrote, “All the devices are amazing; it is hard to choose just one.”

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