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Many, if not most, of our positions are not posted. Most of our clients use us exclusively and/or retained.  Many of our clients do not have these positions posted. Confidentiality is extremely important to us. Reach out to us to inquire about all of our positions.


Medical Device Salary Survey 2016:

Medtech Salaries in 2016

For many, it’s smooth sailing in the medtech industry. Salaries are rising, job satisfaction and security are high, and demand for experienced professionals continues to exceed supply.
Yet certain pockets of the industry seem poised to rocket higher than others. What can employees do to ensure they continue to thrive in this strong but evolving marketplace?

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How Executive Recruiters Can Help Your Career

Executive Recruiters are often said to hold the coveted keys to the “hidden job market” – career opportunities that aren’t posted via newspaper listings or online recruiting websites. Over the past twenty years recruiting firms have gained more influence, so it is increasingly important for job seekers to understand and leverage this resource. What follows are a few facts about executive search firms, and how they can help your career.

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The Top 5 Things to Consider When Looking for a New Job

Few people are exactly alike when determining what makes them happy at work, but there are some key drivers of job satisfaction. “Having performed countless exit interviews and evaluated job satisfaction criteria from a variety of employee surveys, I’ve found that there are a number of common factors that are important to employees’ happiness, fit and sense of well-being at work,” notes Rich Lakis, a Human Resources professional with more than 25 years experience in HR.

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How to Work with a Recruiter on Your Job Hunt

This time of year, we get flooded with phone calls in our office. Parents are calling because their kids are about to graduate from college and somebody — either the graduating senior or the parent — is getting anxious about the post-graduation job hunt. People who vowed to get out of a bad job in 2014 call us, too. Very often, they ask questions like these:

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