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Welcome to the Kaye/Bassman Medical Device blog. Find news, jobs available, career advice, and hiring industry updates.

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Medical Device Jobs

Check back to The Kaye/Bassman Medical Device Blog for updates on available jobs in various specialities and areas of study.

Kaye/Bassman’s Medical Device Recruiting Practice specializes in identifying, attracting and acquiring top talented professionals for companies throughout the medical device industry. Our expertise includes from board level and C-suite to mid and staff level professionals within the areas of marketing, sales, product development, reimbursement, operations, quality, manufacturing, regulatory, and clinical.

We are not interested in simply placing candidates for our client companies but instead becoming an extension of them. Our Client Focused Search approach enables our clients to see us as a long-term partner and value-added resource allowing us to represent them in the highest manner.  There are many firms that clients and candidates can choose to work with and we want Kaye/Bassman to be that choice time after time.  We deliver unparalleled results regardless of the functional area, industry sector, level of position or geographic location.